Sharon Hunt: Eight weeks and counting

This week we catch up with Sharons 2015 plans in preparation for the season and a rare night out at the famous Sugar Hut!

Sharon Hunt: Eight weeks and counting
Sharon has been busy coaching and hosting a very successful indoor British Eventing clinic

We are only a few days past Christmas which means that the 2015 season is approaching rapidly! After new year it really is only 8 weeks until the season starts. We haven't had any snow yet so this worries me that we could suddenly get it just when I would like to go xc schooling!!

I love this time of year as generally it is a great time to catch up with friends and people we haven't seen in ages. This year is no exception! We went to Olympia for the Friday evening performance, where the standard was absolutely incredible. I love watching the top level jumping, and enjoy watching that live probably more than the eventing, as we can often watch more of the xc  on television.

The difference between the best riders and good ones is generally how still they sit, and make it look effortless, some winter work for me on my position I think!
We also had a chance to catch up with sponsors. I generally am so short of time that it can be hard to find the time we should spend with them, so Olympia is a perfect opportunity to do this. I visited 'Sederholmselected' stand and saw their stunning Butets, and also 'Four Seasons Equestrian' who provide my clothing. These are just the best clothes, I am so lucky to have them on board. Last year we had a photo shoot for them and they took some great pictures, and I was lucky enough to have one up on their stand at Olympia. Every girls dream!

I was also invited to go to the 'SugarHut' for a night out. This club is famous on the set of 'TOWIE' so it's a must to have an opportunity to tick that box. It is a very good club, a long way from us but worth the trip. Very busy and full of bling and good fun.

I have been coaching a lot too, the last few weeks have been very busy with keen clients wanting to improve their riding. We had a British Eventing clinic here a few weeks ago, which was basically indoor SJ and XC fences. We practised lines to narrows and corners, something I think is essential over the winter. This can be successfully negotiated indoors where it is a little easier than outside, there are not so many distractions indoors and you can't gather too much speed etc. The clinic was very well received and full and the next one in January is also full now, so good signs that people are enjoying them and finding them useful. We shall hold more of these throughout this winter, they are available for non BE members too.

So after a couple of weeks spent enjoying far too much good food and drink, it's back to exercising on my bike around the roads again! 

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Speak soon,