Top experts help you boost your confidence

Book you and your horse a place on an expert clinic at Total Confidence Live 2015 and you will receive on-the-spot advice from top riders and trainers

Top experts help you boost your confidence
If you're hoping to boost your marks, prepare for future competitions and up your confidence, these expert clinics could be perfect for you!

Total Confidence Live is a brand new, totally interactive event brought to you by the organisers of Your Horse Live. Whether you need help to boost your nerve in the saddle or want to feel more confident when it comes to horse care, this is the event for you.

One of the most exciting features of this new show is the expert clinics where you can bring your horse along and receive on-the-spot feedback and advice from our coaches. 

Cross-Country Clinics

Our Cross-Country Clinics are designed to tackle everything from your approach and getaway to jumping rider frighteners and varying terrain with confidence.

You can choose to take part in a clinic with a variety of experts including performance coach Jon Pitts and international eventer Flora Harris, eventer Karen Dixon, eventer Lauren Shannon and BHS trainer Mark Smith.

Your coach will be on hand throughout your session to give you feedback on your riding technique and advice on improving your confidence.

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Dressage Clinics

Boost your marks and prepare for future competitions with our Total Confidence Dressage Clinics.

Coaches including freelance classical dressage trainer Alison Short, dressage rider and judge Wendy Jago, dressage rider Hannah Biggs and dressage coach Julie Frizzell will be on hand to offer support throughout your session.

Choose to ride a walk/trot introductory, prelim or novice test then receive on-the-spot feedback and training advice from your coach. There's no need to worry about wearing show gear or even feeling under pressure as this isn’t a competition!

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Show Jumping Training Classes

If you've been toying with the idea of taking your horse out competing this year but worried you're not up to scratch, our Show Jumping Training Classes will be perfect for you!

The Show Jumping Training Classes aims to help you improve your jumping technique with the help and advice of our coaches Laura Renwick and Mia Palles-Clark (nee Korenika). On the day, get ready for your round in our warm-up arena just before your time slot then head to the main ring to ride a course of jumps in front of your coach. After your first round, they’ll give you feedback and advice to help you improve before you jump your second round.

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Book in advance and our clinic prices will also include entry to the show. If you are unable to bring your horse along but still want to learn from our coaches, you will be able to observe the clinics for no extra cost!

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