Princess Royal to visit World Horse Welfare centre

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Princess Royal to visit World Horse Welfare centre
Princess Royal to visit World Horse Welfare centre

World Horse Welfare’s president, HRH The Princess Royal, will visit the charity’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset on Friday 7 June to hand over a rehabilitated horse called Windscott Yogie (pictured left) to a new rehomer and view the plans for the new expanded facilities for the centre.

The charity’s plans to build new crew yards, isolation units and a barn at Glenda Spooner Farm will help World Horse Welfare to cope with the 40% rise in horses rescued already in 2013.

This new development will maximise the charity’s potential to be able to take in more welfare cases, help visitors understand the region’s horse welfare challenges and also safeguard against bringing disease onto the farm from the increasing number of horses the charity is seeing who are not receiving proper care or vaccinations.

A new visitor centre and indoor school will follow the initial builds and a new custom-built isolation unit will ensure that the neglected and abused horses brought into World Horse Welfare’s care can be kept in a specifically separate area.

Glenda Spooner Farm manager, Claire Phillips says: "Arab cross Windscott Yogie came into our care with one other pony, her near identical friend who is still looking for a home.

"They were both completely unhandled and very nervous youngsters; Yogie was only just weaned and was extremely scared of the world around her. Sadly, this story is typical of the types of cases that we see all too often in the South West.

"It took a lot of consistent and gentle care before Yogie learnt to trust humans again. The grooms here at Glenda Spooner Farm have spent a lot of time helping Yogie to gain confidence with handling, grooming, leading and getting used to being around people.

"Today she is much more confident and relaxed around humans and has become very inquisitive - we’re sure that she will be much-loved in her new home.

"World Horse Welfare is always so happy to see rescue horses go to new and happy homes after they have received the best care possible care with us."

World Horse Welfare chief executive, Roly Owers says: "It is always such an honour to welcome our president, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal to the charity, especially on this her first visit to Glenda Spooner Farm, our Somerset Rescue & Rehoming Centre.

"The timing of this visit, to one of the most horse dense parts of the country, could not be more opportune given the sheer number of neglected horses coming into our Somerset Centre needing urgent care and attention.

"When taken together with the pressures on our other three centres, it shows the shocking reality of the numbers of horses at risk in the UK today; the country’s horse crisis is well and truly upon us.

"That is why the redevelopment of Glenda Spooner Farm is so important – by building new crew yards and an isolation unit we can take in more horses to compete with the increasing number that need to be rescued from a life of suffering."

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