Whittaker Coachbuilders offers unique service

By: Horse Deals

Whittaker Coachbuilders offers unique service
Whittaker Coachbuilders offers unique service

Nottinghamshire-based horsebox manufacturer Whittaker Coachbuilders is offering a unique service for customers, with the aim of helping them get the best from their new purchase.

"Our horseboxes are built using the latest technology available to us," says Jayne Whittaker: "Once understood and used on a regular basis, these innovations provide the height of luxury when away at shows but initially for some people it can all seem a little overwhelming.

"With this in mind and wanting to make sure our customers drive away feeling confident with how everything works on their new horsebox we decided to offer a special service.

"For anyone having one of our bespoke luxury horseboxes built, we offer the opportunity to park up at our home as if they were at a show.

"During the overnight stay we provide them with all the necessary food and drink to cook a meal and use all the on board technology as part of a ‘dress rehearsal’ stays away.

"It is far too easy to give a quick tour of all the electrical systems on board and for new owners to drive away forgetting everything you have told them in an instant.

"But by having to cook a meal, sleep overnight in the horsebox and use everything on offer to them, we are much happier that they will then quickly start to make the most of what a Whittaker horsebox has to offer them."

For more information contact Whittaker Coachbuilders 01777 839086 or visit www.whittakers.com