Unique insight into a career in racing

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Unique insight into a career in racing
Unique insight into a career in racing

LovetheRaces.com has put together a unique video offering an insight into the lives two students at the Newmarket-based British Racing School.

Kieran Shoemark and Jack Garrity were filmed during their four-week foundation course designed to prepare them for a future in racing and giving a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the residential programme.

"It’s definitely helped me on the horse care side of things – how to look for signs of the horse’s health, medication, how often they need shoeing. Even on the riding side I’ve picked up technical things which will hopefully stand me in good stead for the future," says Jack.

Kieran is also enthusiastic about the course: "I’ve ridden out for trainers before and thought I could ride, but I realise that there’s a lot more to it - from stable management to being a horseman, looking out for signs that a horse is feeling well or not, looking after a stable and yard work."

The course aims to train youngsters in all the areas they’ll need to successfully join a racing yard, and has 70 retired racehorses all needing care and attention.

Rory MacDonald, chief executive of the British Racing School said: "There’s no doubting that the course is tough but that’s to help prepare the young people for the realities of racing. We work hard to develop them so that they come out of the course as rounded individuals."

The course is free and open to anyone aged between 16 and 22 who are keen to work in racing and willing to learn. What’s more, all participants are guaranteed a job in racing at the end of the course.

Find out more about Jack and Kieran’s progress by watching the video: http://www.lovetheraces.com/features/stars-of-the-future/

For more information about the British Racing School visit www.brs.org.uk