Spillers launch vet approved diet feed

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Spillers launch vet approved diet feed
Spillers launch vet approved diet feed

Leading feed manufacturer SPILLERS®, has launched a veterinary approved weight control diet in consultation with two leading equine vets, under the brand of Equine Veterinary Feeds.

Concerned about the serious equine obesity problem in the UK, equine vets Andy Durham from Liphook Equine Hospital and Duncan Harrison from Priors Farm Equine Veterinary Surgery, found that many horse owners are receptive to extra guidance and support from their vets.

With this in mind they consulted with nutrition experts at SPILLERS® to formulate a special weight control diet to be fed under veterinary supervision.

"With more horses and ponies in this country being classified as overweight or obese, there is an increased risk of associated health problems, including recurrent laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and lethargy," explains Andy Durham. "We are aware that many horse owners struggle to recognise that their horse is overweight, yet they may listen more readily to a veterinary diagnosis of obesity and take on board the benefits of feeding a specialist diet to tackle the problem effectively."

Clare Barfoot BSc (Hons) RNutr, the research and development manager for SPILLERS® says: "Horseowners tend to have immense respect for their vet and are thus more likely to be receptive and compliant when a weight loss diet is recommended. It’s extremely exciting to have been involved with this project, not least because it should really help to combat the problem of equine obesity."

Duncan Harrison says: "Dieting overweight ponies offers tremendous long-term health benefits but should be undertaken with care. The diet will only be sold via vets as it is important that the weight loss programme is monitored professionally. We expect vets to offer this diet to their clients as part of a broader weight loss plan including blood testing, portable weighbridge sessions and general management advice."

Equine Veterinary Feeds Weight Control takes the form of a low calorie, fibre based balancer designed to balance a restricted forage diet, enabling calorie restriction while maintaining adequate levels of other essential nutrients.


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