Olympic farrier shares advice on improving performance

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Olympic farrier shares advice on improving performance
Olympic farrier shares advice on improving performance

Haydn Price DipWCF, British Olympic team dressage and eventing farrier joins List 2 judge Margot Tiffany in a unique seminar organised by Alnorthumbria Equine which takes place at The Gubeon Equestrian Centre in Morpeth on 18 October.

Haydn will discuss gait analysis and the importance of examining how a horse moves and how this helps your horse’s performance.

The seminar will be followed by a demonstration in which Haydn will put into practice some of the points made during his talk, while instructor and examiner Margot Tiffany, who runs Northallerton EC will explain what riders can do to help a horse perform to the best of its ability.

An expert in his field, Haydn graduated from the Worshipful Company of Farriers in 1983.

Marking his 13th year as an Olympic Team GB member, Haydn was lead farrier for dressage and showjumping horses.

Haydn, a consultant farrier to the British Equestrian Federation, specialises in performance horses and regularly lectures internationally.

His career has focussed on remedial shoeing and the study of equine locomotion which he will also cover in this seminar.

"I am really looking forward to giving this presentation in the North East; it will certainly give all those who attend food for thought and a fresh perspective on an often over-looked aspect of horse care and performance," says Haydn.

"A number of years ago with the help of Professor John E Davis, together we developed a portable gait analysis system. Using this analysis we can optimise the trimming and shoeing of the hoof so that the horse can move in the most efficient way. This should limit the strain on the joints, promote better performance and may delay the onset of degenerative joint diseases.

"Within the seminar we will look at this analysis and discover how it works and how remedial shoeing can combat issues and problems with the horse".

The Alnorthumbria Equine Clinic is one of the foremost equine veterinary practices in the North of England.

"Watch this Pace" marks the first in a series of monthly equine client evenings that will run from October to January 2013.

The seminar is sponsored by Norbrook, the only home-grown British pharmaceutical company, exporting to more than 120 countries worldwide.

For more information contact Fairmoor Equine Clinic 01670 897597.