England farrier teams announce new sponsor

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England farrier teams announce new sponsor
England farrier teams announce new sponsor

The England farrier and apprentice farrier teams for 2012/2013 are to be sponsored by Silverfeet, the manufacturers of antibacterial hoof treatments.

"We are delighted to be working with the England farrier team and also the England apprentice farrier team," says John Stanley A.W.C.F. from Silverfeet. "As a company dedicated to the care and health of horse hooves, we fully appreciate the value of well trained, knowledgeable farriers who know their craft and help horses to fulfil their potential. Farriers and their influence on equine performance and health are often underestimated. The old adage ‘No Foot- No Horse’ has remained unchanged for centuries!"

Silverfeet’s sponsorship will help support both teams as they compete against other nations across the globe.
"It is often said that good horse/hoof care is down to a good team: the owner, the farrier and the vet," says Nigel Fennell, manager for the England farrier team. "Well, there’s a new member in town to add to the team and that’s Silverfeet!

"Silverfeet is quite simply one of the most effective antibacterial hoof treatments available today. It’s quick and effective to use and I’ve seen great results when used on horses with thrush and ‘poorly horn’ (wet, under cared for stable hooves). It’s a great way to keep even some of the better feet in tip top condition as part of good, everyday hoof health."

For more information visitwww.silverfeet.co.uk


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