Bestselling author backs anti equine abuse campaign

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Bestselling author backs anti equine abuse campaign

Bestselling author and horse lover Jilly Cooper, is backing a campaign by World Horse Welfare which is calling for the European Commission to introduce a short, maximum journey limit for horses destined for slaughter in Europe.

Each year, 65,000 horses are driven long distances across Europe to their eventual destination. The horses often have limited if any access to water prior to, during, or after these journeys and become severely dehydrated.

World Horse Welfare wants to see a short, finite journey limit introduced, ensuring that no horses destined for slaughter or further fattening can be transported for more than 9-12 hours.

The equine charity’s campaign is the public to write to their MEPs before an important vote this autumn.

"World Horse Welfare is doing a wonderful thing in campaigning against the cruel long-distance transportation of horses across Europe to slaughter," Jilly Cooper asserts.

"It breaks my heart to think of the indiscriminate suffering inflicted on horses, ponies and donkeys every day. That’s why I give my whole-hearted support to World Horse Welfare’s campaign and urge other people to do so as well. Knowledge is a powerful thing and I believe when people understand the terrible abuses that are going on, they will speak out against them and eventually change must happen. So come on everyone, let’s get behind World Horse Welfare’s wonderful campaign and give them the support they need and deserve to end this terrible and unnecessary cruelty to horses."

Roly Owers, chief executive at World Horse Welfare said, "We are delighted that Jilly Cooper is speaking out in support of these horses, something which many thousands of citizens across the EU have done and continue to do by joining our campaign. The long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter is the single biggest abuse of horses in Europe. It is needless and the evidence shows that it causes clear suffering. A short, finite journey limit must be introduced to stop the suffering of these horses.

World Horse Welfare is asking members of the public to take an active part in this campaign by sending an email to their MEP by late September before an important vote focusing on the EU Transport Regulation.

Visit pages at to find your local MEP.


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