New awards for HOYS hopefuls

By: Horse Deals

New awards for HOYS hopefuls
New awards for HOYS hopefuls

Show owners, breeders, exhibitors and producers aiming for HOYS (Horse of the Year Show) are to be recognised with new awards based on results achieved during the outdoor season.

Grandstand Media Ltd, organiser of the show, is launching three new showing award series to honour those who strive for excellence during the year in their efforts to qualify for the Birmingham showcase.

This year, they will be given to consistent performers, leading breeders and leading sires, with plans to increase these series in the future.

"We want to recognise those people who support Horse of the Year Show’s qualifiers throughout the season," said Grandstand media managing director Helena Pettit. "These competitors’ achievements deserve to be rewarded and we are very excited to be moving forward with this."

The awards have been made possible due to the Grandstand Online Entries System’s stored information, which will be collected from every Horse of the Year Show qualifier.

These new showing awards are the only ones in Britain based on accurate data collected for every eligible animal.
For all three series, points will be allocated a scale of five for first place, down to one for fifth place in Horse of the Year Show qualifiers. Points will not be given for the finals. The points will then be tabulated for each section within the series, with almost 100 awards available overall.

The winners will be announced once the qualifiers have been completed.

Two of the categories have already attracted support from equestrian companies.

The most consistent animal awards, Tagg La Liga, will be sponsored by leading clothing company Tagg Equestrian.

Tom Eastwood, managing director of Tagg, says: "Tagg Equestrian is delighted to be involved in a new venture for showing. The La Liga tables will provide the data showing the most consistent horses and ponies in each section. We are happy to provide the winning prizes and are committed to excellence in support of the showing world."

The sponsors of the leading breeder titles is new online reference tool

Gail Chapman from Breeders Guide says: "These awards give breeders a chance to be recognised at the highest level. We look forward to meeting the winners at Horse of the Year Show in October, when we are also launching Breeders Guide, which will be an invaluable marketing tool for even the smallest breeder."

For more information email: or contact the Grandstand Equestrian Department 01582 711411.