Team Spirit

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Team Spirit
Ex-racehorse Earthmover, who sadly passed away as the March 2012 issue went to press. <strong>Photo credit: PC Images</strong><br><br>

If you’re looking for a new career for your ex-racehorse – and are a bit of a closet adrenaline junkie yourself – team chasing could be just the sport for you.

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) offers a number of competition series for horses on its register, and special prizes are awarded for retrained racehorses at the National Team Chase Championships, held at Tur Langton in Leicestershire on 1 April.

A prize of £500 will be awarded to the owner of the horse (or horses) in the highest-placed team in the Championship class, who are registered with RoR – providing they run under their registered racing name.
As well as prize money, a commemorative rug will be awarded to the winners, and a voucher for an RoR coat will be awarded to all competitors who successfully complete the course in the UK Hunt Team Chase and the Fernie Intermediate Class, on an RoR registered horse.

Team chasers are also eligible for the RoR Hunting Challenge for the first time, as long as they have also regularly hunted, with the final held at Cheltenham’s Open meeting on 18 November.

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For more on team chasing, see the March 2012 issue of Horse Deals (missed it? Then phone 0845 601 1356 for a back issue).

Sadly, we would like to pay tribute to one of the ex-racehorses featured in the piece, Earthmover (pictured), who sadly passed away as the March issue of Horse Deals went to press.