Online orders on the up

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Online orders on the up
Online orders on the up

Horseowners in remote rural areas are becoming increasingly reliant on sourcing feed, supplements, bedding and haylage via the internet according to online retail store

"Our most remote client is on the Isle of Barra, off the coast of Scotland," says Sarah Hughes of, "but we have a number of orders from the west coast of Wales, including Anglesey and Pembrokeshire, and several in Scotland."

The company offers delivery to most parts of England and Wales at standard rates, with the most remote areas having a small surcharge.

"We have managed to make it so that bulk orders receive better discounts and delivery charges," says Sarah, "but we make sure all our prices are as competitive as possible. Even remote locations enjoy well priced delivery. We’ve even had enquiries from Finland and Sardinia in the past two weeks!"

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