Take Up the Reins tour boosts interest in riding

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Take Up the Reins tour boosts interest in riding
Take Up the Reins tour boosts interest in riding

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) teamed up with Hoof, the British Equestrian Federations’ (BEF) legacy programme to help more people take up riding following the success of the equestrian teams at London 2012. 

Supported and funded by the BEF and Sport England, the BETA Take Up the Reins campaign has been on tour throughout the summer of 2012.

The campaign team, which included three mechanical horses, travelled 6,000 miles and completed 40,000 hours of "riding", visiting 21 events around the country.

Accredited coaches gave short riding lessons to the public on a mechanical horse, while providing support and advice for the would-be riders.

BETA’s Tina Rogers said "It’s amazing to see people's hesitant faces before you press the go button, and then see it immediately turn into a huge smile as soon as they start to walk".

Last week’s event took place outside the John Lewis department store at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, where the mechanical horse gave nearly 450 rides over two days.

So far 1080 people have so far taken up riding as a direct result of the Take Up the Reins tour.

For more information visit www.takeupthereins.co.uk.


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