Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum launched

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Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum launched
Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum launched

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) has launched an Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM), which aims to provide access to veterinary anatomical resources in the form of a virtual museum. This marks a major development in online resources available to students of animal anatomy.

As one of the world's largest online veterinary anatomical resource collections, OVAM will not only support the learning of veterinary students, but hopes to inspire in an interactive and informative way.

OVAM will offer learners free access to resources including:
- Interactive and annotated diagrams and images of equine specimens.
- Three dimensional imaging of the equine lower limb with the ability to remove structures and links annotated images and further information.
- Podcasts and potcasts of anatomical specimens including equine head sagittal section potcast.
- Horse anatomy with a clinical relevance and an anatomical link to WikiVet content.
- Comprehensive videos of dissection techniques, including equine thoracic and abdominal cavities which will greatly reduce the need for duplication of procedures

The project, which began in November 2011, was led by a small team based at the RVC, and involved seven of the UK's vet schools, as well as international institutions, educational trusts, commercial publishers and web developers.

Project director Nick Short said: "The teaching of anatomy forms a core part of the veterinary curriculum in every veterinary school in the world. With digital media increasingly used to enrich and support conventional lectures it therefore makes sense to share what we have to provide students with the best possible support for their studies.

"More than that the online museum will help to bring the world of veterinary anatomy alive not just for veterinary students but also for anybody with an interest in knowing more about animal's structure and function. OVAM provides access to some of the most amazing virtual resources contributed from all over the world.


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