Worming survey results cause concern

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Worming survey results cause concern
Worming survey results cause concern

Worming experts at Pfizer Animal Health are concerned after results of a recent survey which shows that half of all horse owners are not worming their horse or pony correctly for encysted small redworm, one of the life stages of small redworm which are the most common worms found in horses and can pose a serious health risk

The survey, which was conducted as a part of the National Equine Health Survey (NEHS) in May 2012, showed that only 50% of 1095 respondents wormed their horse with an effective product for the control of encysted small redworm.

The remainder either used a product they incorrectly thought treated encysted small redworm, or simply didn’t worm their horse or pony at all to control the parasite.

The most common reason given for not treating for encysted small redworm was that the horse had had a clear faecal worm egg count.

Wendy Talbot, Pfizer’s vet advisor says: "Encysted small redworm won’t show up in a standard Faecal Worm Egg Count - even if the horse has shown a negative or low count it could still be harbouring several million encysted small redworms2, which can present a potentially fatal health risk to the horse."

According to the experts, it is imperative to use a wormer containing moxidectin or fenbendazole five- day course, licensed to treat encysted small redworm.

Owners are also reminded that there is now widespread resistance to fenbendzole in parasite populations4 whereas moxidectin has been shown to be effective against benzimidazole resistant worms and has a 13 week recommended dosing interval. 

Mary King, Olympic three day eventing team silver medallist, who routinely treats her horses for encysted small redworm in the early winter says: "Treating small redworm is a big priority on my yard to help make sure the horses stay in peak health. We tend to use Equest®, after the first frost of the season. This way we can also tackle bots effectively with the same dose."

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For more information visit www.wormingyourhorse.info.