Petplan Equine offers equine personality quiz

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Petplan Equine offers equine personality quiz
Petplan Equine offers equine personality quiz

Leading UK specialist equine insurer, Petplan Equine has teamed up with problem horse trainer and behaviourist Michael Peace to help horse owners understand their horse’s personality to help get the best out of the relationship.

To help owners discover more about their horse, Michael and Petplan Equine, have devised a horse personality test, which is a selection of multiple choice questions that help you work out your horse’s character and how to train him accordingly.

The test is now available on the Petplan Equine Facebook page.

Petplan Equine head of marketing, Isabella von Mesterhazy says: "At Petplan Equine we know that much of the enjoyment of horse ownership is derived from a harmonious relationship between an owner and their horse. By joining forces with Michael Peace, one of the most exceptional horsemen in Britain, we hope this will give horse owners more knowledge about their horse’s specific personality. While the quiz is meant to be fun, the underlying message is serious - all horses are individuals and it’s important to understand them to enable a safe and effective relationship."

"The first thing I do, is work out where the horse is in life and then I can adapt my training techniques to suit each individual horse," says Michael. "Like us, horses are products of their genetic heritage and their cumulative life experiences which determine their characters and how they interact with other horses and people alike."

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