Classic Dressage offers magnetic range on trial

By: Horse Deals

Classic Dressage offers magnetic range on trial
Classic Dressage offers magnetic range on trial

Thanks to a new initiative from Classic Dressage, horse owners can now try out products from the Veredus magnetic range on a month’s trial.

This service allows owners of horses which may have suffered from minor injuries such as a knock or swelling that would benefit from a couple of weeks’ therapy on a short loan period.

"We recognise that the Veredus collection of magnetic products would be a significant investment to horse owners," says Classic Dressage’s co-owner Julia Hornig. "We are so confident in their properties and performance and we hope our new loan option will allow more horses to benefit from them."

Veredus magnets have a life span of 20 years and have been proven to offer pain relief, significantly reduce swelling and increase blood flow. They can also help to drain the lymphatic system and remove toxins from the body.

To take advantage of this loan/trial service, owners are invited to buy any of the products in the range and try them out on their horse.

The company say that if after a month, you have used the product for a specific reason, it worked and no longer need it – or you don’t feel your horse is benefitting from them, wash the products by hand at 30 degrees with a non-biological detergent, return them to Classic Dressage and your money will be refunded, less a small trial fee.


Magnetic rug: £299 (£100 trial fee)

Four Hour boots: £179 (£60 trial fee)

Stable boots: £120 (£40 trial fee)

Hock and Over Reach boots: £99 (£30 trial fee)

For more details, contact Classic Dressage 01442 834536 or visit