Behind the scenes of ‘horse round-up’ to be televised

By: Horse Deals

Behind the scenes of ‘horse round-up’ to be televised
Behind the scenes of ‘horse round-up’ to be televised

World Horse Welfare is excited to announce that Horse & Country TV has commissioned the first ever television documentary about the charity’s work, revealing how timely intervention prevented almost 100 semi-feral horses from becoming a serious welfare concern.

The programme ‘Wild Round-up Rescue’ provides a behind-the-scenes insight into the operation, which took place on a farm in North East Scotland in May, and was the biggest and most unusual project ever co-ordinated by World Horse Welfare.

World Horse Welfare’s Basil Hayes who filmed and produced the programme says: "We have had a huge amount of success with our 114 YouTube videos to date, as we have had more than 1.5 million views. Working with Horse & Country TV is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of our work by reaching a new audience."

‘Wild Round-up Rescue’ includes interviews with World Horse Welfare’s Field Officer Jimmy Maxwell, who explains that the operation evolved after a concerned member of the public contacted him regarding the horses at the farm. Jimmy then met with the owner of the animals, an elderly farmer, who admitted he needed help to rescue his 93 Highland-type horses and ponies. This case created a highly successful alliance of organisations which included HorseBack UK, the Royal Marines and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, but initially came about due to the work of one of our Field Officers who formed an important relationship with the horse owner.

The programme also provides an insight into the events leading up to the actual round up including previously unseen footage of the ponies grazing over the 2,000 acres and how they behaved while in their natural herd groups.

Additionally, Jimmy Maxwell explains how safety for the people involved and the horses was paramount, and therefore why it was necessary to have adequate fencing in place to hold the horses once they had been rounded up. A ‘race’ system was also constructed by the World Horse Welfare team for the vets to work on the horses safely and for the animals to move through securely.

The TV documentary includes interviews with an injured Royal Marine who took part in the rounding up, as well as the founder of the injured servicemen charity, Horseback UK.

Over the course of three days, a total of 93 horses were rounded up and micro-chipped and 41 stallions were successfully castrated.

‘Wild Round-up Rescue’ premieres on Horse & Country TV, Sky channel 280 on Wednesday 14th September at 8pm.

Jonathan Rippon, Head of Programming, Horse & Country TV, said "We are delighted to be showing this remarkable rescue operation on H&C and we know our viewers will gain a fascinating insight into the process led by the World Horse Welfare."