The Horse Trust appeals for donations

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The Horse Trust appeals for donations

Buckinghamshire charity The Horse Trust is appealing for donations to help pay for thousands of pounds of veterinary treatment required by two working horses it took in earlier this year.

Gwain, an 18hh grey gelding, arrived from the Metropolitan Police in January 2011. He was initially taken in on respite, but The Horse Trust and Met Police recently agreed that Gwain should be fully retired as his navicular syndrome is not improving. Gwain gave eight years service to the Met Police and was described by Mounted Sergeant Jon Taylor as a reliable, fearless horse.

Gwain has recently undergone radical surgery at the Royal Veterinary College due to an infection is his pedal bone. His treatment has already cost the charity £3,000 and his aftercare is likely to be long and intensive. At present he is wearing a "bionic shoe" to protect his healing foot. The Horse Trust's veterinary nurse Angela Andrews is regularly removing this shoe to check how his foot is healing and to ensure there is no infection in the tissue.

Jon Taylor, a Mounted Sergeant with the Metropolitan Police, said he has seen first-hand the positive impact the surgery has had on Gwain, and praised the charity for its dedication to equine welfare.

"I have visited Gwain on several occasions following his move to The Horse Trust and saw how uncomfortable he was with his pedal bone infection. Most recently I visited him following his operation and was thrilled to see him happy and enjoying his retirement again with his bionic hoof," said Jon.

"The Horse Trust allows the opportunity for retired working horses to live as nature intended them to live and to have some reward for their selfless service to us. If a horse with these special needs was retired to a private owner, I feel sure that for most people such cost implications would end in a bad result for the horse. The fabulous work The Horse Trust does with retired police and army horses ensures that the lucky few can live out a good quality of life after work," added Jon.

Sevastapol, an 16.2hh grey gelding, also arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2011. He worked for the Household Cavalry for many years as a Trumpeter and was involved in numerous ceremonial and state occasions in London. Sevastapol was recently found to be suffering from melanoma tumours on his lower body. Melanomas, which are the most most common skin tumours in horses, occur most often in grey or white horses and this risk increases as the horse ages.

Sevastapol’s life would have been substantially shortened due to the impact of his tumours, so the charity paid for Sevastapol to have major surgery to remove the melanoma tumours. The likely cost of his treatment is expected to exceed £3,000.

The charity has now launched a "Veterinary Appeal" to raise money to pay for Gwain and Sevastapol's treatment.

"Gwain and Sevastapol spent their working lives serving mankind and deserve to have a wonderful retirement. We hope the public will help us by contributing to the costs of their veterinary treatment," said Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive Officer of The Horse Trust.

To donate to the Veterinary Appeal, please contact 01494 488464 or


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