Buddy at HorseWorld Visitor Centre

By: Horse Deals

Buddy at HorseWorld Visitor Centre
Buddy when he arrived

Buddy arrived at HorseWorld in January this year barely able to stand weighing just 1/3 of his ideal body weight. Today Buddy is barely recognisable; he is a strapping young pony who is full of the joys of life! To celebrate Buddy’s amazing recovery he will be making 3 special guest appearances at the HorseWorld Visitor Centre on Wednesday 10th, 17th and 24th August.

When Buddy arrived at HorseWorld he was very weak and severely emaciated but the team were determined to nurse him back to health. Buddy endured months of treatment but thanks to the dedication of the HorseWorld team he is well on his way to making a full recovery. To celebrate and thank all of those who donated to Buddy’s Hope Appeal, which was launched to raise the vital funds needed to save Buddy’s Life, Buddy will be making 3 special guest appearances at the HorseWorld Visitor Centre.

Jodie Gold, HorseWorld Husbandry Groom, who has cared for Buddy said "Buddy is such a cheeky character and is definitely making the most of having lots of energy! He can be a bit of a handful sometimes but we don’t mind too much as it’s so lovely to see him fit and well"

As well as meeting Buddy you could also take advantage of HorseWorld’s fantastic new membership scheme which starts at just £17.50 allowing an adult and up to 3 children unlimited repeat visits for an entire year! 

For more information, please contact the HorseWorld Team on 01275 540173, email info@horseworld.org.uk or visit www.horseworld.org.uk.