Posture, Position and Pilates Clinics at Hartpury College

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Posture, Position and Pilates Clinics at Hartpury College
Posture, Position and Pilates Clinics at Hartpury College

A series of Posture, Position and Pilates Clinics for riders will run at the Equine Therapy Centre, Hartpury College from July. Clinics include one-to-one sessions using the mechanical horse, to group Pilates sessions tailored especially for riders.

Liza Randall, author of Pilates for Equestrians saysthat so often a rider will overlook their own fitness and shortcomings in the saddle to concentrate on their horse: "Position and balanceis key to everything we do when mounted," she explains. "Get it wrong and you could be setting yourself up for disaster when you go up the gears or jump. Get it right and not only will your riding - and ultimately your results improve - but you will also be more secure and less fatigued in the saddle."  Core stability can be improved once riders know how to recruit their deep stabilising muscles.

On the Posture, Position and Pilates Clinic, riders will be assessed using the mechanical horse in a variety of paces, followed by a tailored series of balance exercises using various equipment. Participants will then be given a personal fitness plan using simple exercises that can be worked on at home. Riders are then assessed a few weeks later to chart progress.

Kathryn Nankervis, Manager at the Equine Therapy Centre at Hartpury says: "I am very pleased to be able to offer Pilates for riders from our Centre. Liza's expertise in helping riders develop exercise programmes to assist postural change is a very necessary addition to the service we already offer.

"Liza is joining Liz Launder, osteopath and Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics in offering courses to help riders from our Therapy Centre at Hartpury. Experience has shown us that real change is difficult to achieve on your own, but expert help one-to-one and working in small groups tends to get better results, whatever the goal.

"Many riders go to Pilates classes, but I think it's important that it is rider specific and this is exactly what Liza will be offering with these new sessions."

For further information or to book your placecall Liza on 07968 334214.


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