Horseworld appeal for Hoof Boots

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Horseworld appeal for Hoof Boots
Horseworld appeal for Hoof Boots
HorseWorld, an animal welfare charity based in Bristol, are appealing to horse owners to donate their old hoof boots to rescued horses and ponies.

Visitor Centre Groom, Hattie Abretti explains "Some horses arrive at HorseWorld in a terrible state of neglect. It can take years of corrective hoof trimming to bring their hooves back to a well balanced and healthy state. This can cause a great deal of strain to tendons, ligaments and joints so changes to the feet have to be made very gradually.

We also have horses that, as part of their rehabilitation will need to have their shoes removed. Some will be retiring so will no longer need shoes. Many have been poorly shod or left too long between shoeing in the past. Some may never have worn shoes but may have had their hoof care neglected and left to overgrow or become unbalanced. These issues can cause pain and abnormalities in the feet and joints resulting in the horse needing to go barefoot to enable the hooves to be rebalanced.

During their period of rehabilitation, many horses can become uncomfortable until their feet harden up and become accustomed to being barefoot. Wearing hoof boots means that they are able to walk comfortably while their feet are adapting to this change and provide cushioning while the joints and tendons are adjusting. Horses that are in work may not need to have time off and become unfit as they can wear their boots to be ridden out on hard ground.

If you have any hoof boots you no longer need or know someone who does, please bear HorseWorld’s rescued horses and ponies in mind. A donation of a pair of hoof boots can help a horse or pony through their rehabilitation and then be passed on to the next rescued horse in need until they finally wear out."

HorseWorld can also make use of any used tack, equipment or rugs that are donated to the

charity. With almost 150 horses, ponies and donkeys on site in various stages of rehabilitation, most donations can be used for the rescued animals. Anything that cannot be used will go into the on-site charity tack shop to raise the vital funds HorseWorld needs to continue its rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming work.

If you can help or would like more information, please call Amy on 01275 893034 or email