Horse Agility Blog June 2011

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Horse Agility Blog June 2011
Horse Agility Blog June 2011

Horse Agility is a fast exciting way to have fun with your horse without having to ride him. Horse Agility comprises a variety of obstacles for the horse to complete, at the higher levels this is against the clock with the horse running free which makes it a great spectator sport in which to participate.

Vanessa Bee is the founder of the Horse Agility Club and specialises in positive and natural horsemanship. In her new fortnightly blog she will keep us up to date with what is going on in the Horse Agility world and how you can get involved.

Blog update 06-06-2011Sometimes so much happens in a week it’s difficult to know where to start. Just when one’s diary looks so full and you think you cannot possibly fit any more in something happens that simply cannot be put off. Last week, just after I’d finished my newspaper column and was leaving for a day’s work, the phone rang. It was the wife of a good friend to say that he’d had a massive stroke, was in Exeter hospital and wanted to see me. It’s amazing how when you really want or need to do something you can find the time. I was horribly horsey as I went to visit Barry in hospital. I think us horse lovers forget how rural we smell sometimes, I just hoped the antiseptic neutralized the smell a bit! My friend will get better but it’s a shock to see someone so active reduced to an inert figure lying in a hospital bed. However the brain was in full working order and we put the world to rights in no time at all! It certainly makes one appreciate one’s health when this sort of thing happens.

The next day I received two invitations to travel abroad to demonstrate Horse Agility. One to Holland in September for a very big show over three days (30,000 visitors) and the second to a slightly smaller one in Norway at the end of October (17,000). This is all on top of the existing work load that would have swamped me before I had visited my friend in hospital, but I am grateful I have the opportunity to go and do them.

Friday was spent handling some beautiful horses who had lost their way. The owners keep telling me that their horses aren’t nasty but they just don’t understand them and vice versa I think. I feel like a marriage guidance counselor sometimes, but it is rewarding bringing those two beings to some semblance of understanding so that the growing can begin.

On Saturday I agreed to team up with The Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony who have come up with a novel idea to promote their sale on Saturday 4th June. With every pony sold there is a free entry to a competition to win £500. All you have to do is buy a pony at the sale, and train it to complete a set Agility course in two months entering the competition by video. The best entry wins the big prize. The first competition of its kind that I know of in this country and it’s going to be very interesting to watch.

I helped run two charity events over the weekend which is always fun. I demonstrated how

horse agility can help build a trusting relationship with traumatised ponies at the People4ponies open day on Sunday. These ponies had never seen hoops, curtains or seesaws before and with very little suggestion were prepared to explore these new toys sometimes on a lead rope and sometimes not. Yet again I am overwhelmed by the thinking ability of horses and ponies. Give them the chance to work things out and they seem to get it much quicker than if we’d tried to teach them.

On Monday I was at The Conquest Centre near Taunton running a competition. The Conquest has thoroughly embraced the idea of Horse Agility as a useful tool to provide variety for horses and people alike. Fortunately they have a superb indoor arena so the appalling weather did not dampen our spirits and we had a wonderful day with lots of smiles and laughter, which is what it’s all about.

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