Earlier recognition saves more horses with colic

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Earlier recognition saves more horses with colic
Earlier recognition saves more horses with colic

A well-known fact to all equine veterinarians is that early recognition and treatment of colic can save a horse’s life.  Too often, early signs of colic are missed by horse owners, or an initial colic examination is delayed because vets are tied up with other calls.  Educating horse owners to recognize the signs of colic and to gather basic physical data can greatly assist veterinarians in beginning colic treatment early.

Traditionally, owner education has been limited to clinics put on by veterinarians and other equine professionals, one on one conversation, or books.  Now, however, with the wide distribution of smart phones and informative applications for mobile devices, dissemination of this type of education is much easier.

Free applications such as "Colic in Horses:  An Owner’s Guide," which has just been released in the iTunes store June, 2011, can provide very useful information to horse owners.  This application not only helps people recognize the signs of colic, it also shows how to perform a basic physical exam and gives parameters of when to call a vet versus when to load up and get to the hospital.

The app can be downloaded from: 



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