Friendship is the best medicine!

By: Horse Deals

Friendship is the best medicine!
Buddy and Severn-up
Staff at Equine Welfare Charity, HorseWorld worked around the clock to save the life of a young cob that was rescued earlier this year weighing just a third of his ideal body weight. The team of grooms provided nursing while he gained strength, and later helped him to stand to feed for himself.

Groom and Trainer, Kayleigh Macleod helped to give Buddy the care and medication he needed. "He looked ready to die and was so weak that his head had to be supported by grooms. It took a drip and six blood transfusions to give Buddy the strength to support his own weight. He had to be lifted to his feet every two hours day and night as he was unable to push himself up. He couldn't be left lying down for too long as he rubbed sores where his bones protruded in his efforts to get up."

A horse of Buddy’s age and breed should weigh around 280-300kg. On arrival at HorseWorld Buddy weighed just 108kg! He was suffering from severe diarrhoea that was full of redworm. His thick winter coat hid his frail skeletal frame.

Just when HorseWorld hoped they would never see anything this bad again, a call came in to

attend a young pony that had been abandoned. On arrival at the rescue, the welfare team found that the little black pony had simply been left to starve to death on waste ground. Although it was clear that the cases were unrelated, the condition of this poor animal was alarmingly similar to Buddy.

Welfare Manager, Jerry Watkins commented "Buddy was one of the worst cases of neglect HorseWorld has seen in a long time, the fact that he kept fighting was enough inspiration for us to fight just as hard to save his young life. We didn’t expect another poor creature to be in just as bad condition so soon after Buddy’s rescue."

The young horse was named ‘Severn-up’ by the grooms as he had been abandoned on the banks of the River Severn. The care he needed was so similar to Buddy’s that when he had regained enough strength to move around on his own, it was decided that the two ponies could go out in a small paddock together.

Within a few days the grooms noticed that both ponies recovery had accelerated since they had been together. Husbandry Groom, Sarah Hollister who had been caring for the two ponies commented "It was like they knew what each other had gone through and were helping each other through their ordeal. They love to play and we feel they have each given the other something to live for."

Buddy and Severn-up will remain at HorseWorld’s Welfare Department until they have regained full health. Eventually it is hoped that they will be able to find a loving loan home on the charities rehoming scheme. To find out more about HorseWorld and rehoming a rescued horse visit or call Amy on 01275 893034.