Horse Agility Blog 07-03-2011

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Horse Agility Blog 07-03-2011
Horse Agility Blog 07-03-2011

Horse Agility is a fast exciting way to have fun with your horse without having to ride him. Horse Agility comprises a variety of obstacles for the horse to complete, at the higher levels this is against the clock with the horse running free which makes it a great spectator sport in which to participate.

Vanessa Bee is the founder of the Horse Agility Club and specialises in positive and natural horsemanship. In her new fortnightly blog she will keep us up to date with what is going on in the Horse Agility world and how you can get involved.

Horse Agility Blog 07-03-2011

The Horse Agility Club completed the first ever on line Horse Agility competition in February. Seventeen people and their horses entered and it was a joy to see everyone including the horses and ponies completing the set course in the comfort of their own home and in all sorts of weathers.

Congratulations to the winner Shelley Newton-Carter from Scotland who competed in her back garden in snowy conditions because she couldn’t even get to her field. The power of the internet meant that she could compete in the international league without the weather stopping her.

Our second prize winner Deborah Pitts wrestled the computer blips of Youtube to the ground scraping in at the last minute having tried every which way to get her video on line and to the Club Office. We all cheered when it arrived as she had been so determined to enter this competition.

Alison Franks, who came third with Fal, competed on the gravel track that runs up to her fields because the ground was waterlogged and she was determined to take part.

All the entrants showed us a little of their homes and life. Beautiful views across the Bristol Channel from Wales, dogs playing around the obstacles while horses competed, a beautiful American paint horse joined in far away in the US and all these people and horses cheered on and supported by friends and family as they became representatives of their country in The Horse Agility International Competitions League.

Results for OLHA! February 2011

1. Shelley Newton-Carter, Summer Solstice III (GB) 90

2. Deborah Pitts, Pedro (GB) 89

3. Alison Franks, Fal (GB) 86

4.Dawn Westcott, Hawkwell Versuvius (GB) 85

5. Zara Roberts, Merry Legs (GB) 84

6.Dawn Westcott, Strongbow (GB) 81

7.Carolyn Macambridge, Prinnie (GB) 80

8.Erin French, Wahp(USA) 79

9.Sue McFadyen, Seren(GB) 77

10. Dawn Westcott, Padric(GB) 76

11.Brenda Kent, Highland Park (GB) 74

12.Jo Priede, Punka (GB) 72

13.Yvonne Duffy, Maximum Attitude (GB) 71

14.Lisa Macambridge, Holly (GB) 68

15.Liz Ostacchini, Lena(GB) 67

16.Liz Ostacchini, Grommit (GB) 66

17.Chelsea Atwell, Boy Harry (GB) 62