Longest serving Greater Manchester Police horse retires to The Horse Trust

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Longest serving Greater Manchester Police horse retires to The Horse Trust
21 year old Dickens has been working for the police for 15 years

Two horses from the Greater Manchester Police force are retiring to The Horse Trust's Home of Rest for Horses in Buckinghamshire. Dickens, a horse that has been with the Greater Manchester Police force for 15 years, and Warwick, who has been with the force for four years, will be retiring to the sanctuary on Monday 14 February.

21-year-old Dickens, a 16hh chestnut gelding, is one of the force's best police horses, according to Mima Manning, Stable Manager at Greater Manchester Police.

"Dickens is one of our toughest and bravest horses," said Mima. "He has a cheerful temperament and always goes to work with a smile on his face.
He has given a lot to Greater Manchester."

While most police horses have a working life of eight to 10 years, Dickens has been working for the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) force for an impressive 15 years. In his time with the force, Dickens has been involved in all types of police work including crowd control at public demonstrations, football matches and concerts, and patrolling crime hotspots.

Dickens, an Irish Thoroughbred cross, now needs to retire from working life as he has developed arthritis, which has caused intermittent lameness.

Eight-year-old Warwick, a 17hh skewbald gelding, is also retiring to the sanctuary. He has only been working for GMP for four years, but can no longer work as he has developed a condition known as Osteochontritis Dissecans (OCD) in his joints.

"Warwick has a brilliant temperament for police work - he's very level-headed and confident. But sadly he's had a short working life as he can't cope with the police work required," said Mima.

Mima is delighted that the two police horses will now have a secure future through being given lifetime sanctuary at the charity's sanctuary for retired horses.

"It's great that after working hard for the people of Greater Manchester, Dickens and Warwick will be able to spend the remainder of their years in the peaceful paddocks at The Horse Trust's Home of Rest,"
said Mima.

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive Officer of The Horse Trust, said she looked forward to welcoming the two horses to the sanctuary and praised them for the work they have carried out for GMP.

"Dickens and Warwick have carried out vital police work in their time with Greater Manchester Police, helping preserve public order and reduce crime. We are glad that we are able to thank them for their loyal service by offering them sanctuary and a peaceful place to pass the last years of their lives," said Jeanette.

The Horse Trust depends on the support of the public to look after retired working horses such as Dickens and Warwick. It costs the charity an average of £12 per day to look after each horse at the sanctuary, which includes the costs of grooms, forage, farriery and veterinary care. To donate to The Horse Trust, please visit www.horsetrust.org.uk, or contact the charity on 01494 488 464 or info@horsetrust.org.uk


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