Oldest resident passes away aged 46 (or 125 in human years)

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Oldest resident passes away aged 46 (or 125 in human years)
Oldest resident passes away aged 46 (or 125 in human years)

The oldest resident of leading animal welfare charity, HorseWorld, has passed away at the grand old age of 46 – equivalent to 125 in human years.

Black Dragon had been with the Bristol-based charity, which will shortly reach its sixtieth anniversary year, since 1991 when she was taken in from the Welsh mountains.

HorseWorld’s Equine Husbandry Manager Joanne Vaughn said: "We are very sad to announce that Dragon, as she was known, was put to sleep this week. She had been with us at HorseWorld for 20 years, leading a long and happy life.

"Sadly, Dragon had been suffering from breathing difficulties for some time. With the colder weather coming, we heeded vet advice and did what was the kindest thing for this grand old lady who truly became part of HorseWorld’s heritage.

"It’s astonishing to think she had been in our care for such a long time, but this really does highlight how long we have been helping horses and what a wonderful life they lead here at HorseWorld."

HorseWorld will shortly begin its 60th anniversary year since it began as Friends of Bristol Horses Society. The charity works 365 days a year to save the lives of neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys, working closely with partner organisations and other equine welfare charities to rescue animals in need. The charity puts together a tailored rehabilitation programme before seeking, wherever possible, to rehome every horse with experienced and loving loaners.

The average life expectancy of a well cared-for horse is usually around 30 years. With proper feeding and access to veterinary care, horses and ponies can live into their forties. Horses mature faster than humans in their early years, and then age more slowly once they reach adulthood. This means it is not easy to simply convert horse years to human years by multiplying the horse's age by a factor. To convert a horse's age to its equivalent human age use the following link: 



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