Fantastic offer from Equi-Trek

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Fantastic offer from Equi-Trek
Fantastic offer from Equi-Trek

Many horse owners are unaware they are breaking the law and invalidating their horsebox or trailer insurance by carrying horses that are too heavy.

To help bring this issue to the attention of horse owners, Equi-Trek have a limited offer to upgrade your horsebox for less. The first 50 customers who upgrade from the 4-tonne to the 4½-tonne Super Sonic, will only pay £700 extra instead of the usual price of £2,500. Customers should contact Equi-Trek for further details of this offer.

With all the kit required to transport horses nowadays, not to mention the horses themselves, it’s all too easy to exceed the legal requirements for weight. In the event of an accident, owners could find themselves tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket – even if the accident wasn’t their fault – because they won’t be covered by their insurance. They are also at risk of hefty fines and legal action.

To protect their customers and give them peace of mind, the Yorkshire-based horsebox manufacturers Equi-Trek have added a new horsebox to their range that can cope with even the heftiest horses.

The 4½-tonne Super Sonic is exactly the same size as their 4-tonne vehicle, but it has been upgraded to carry a heavier load. With a new chassis, suspension and brakes, it won’t take up any more room on the road or on driveways, but it can easily transport two large horses without exceeding the legal limits for weight.

Tom Janion of Equi-Trek says: "Some companies will tell you it’s safe to transport two horses in trailers that aren’t suitable, but it’s a much better investment to upgrade to the 4½-tonne Super Sonic. If you get caught overweight you could be liable for a hefty fine and points on your licence, not to mention finding out after an accident that your insurance is invalid. Why take that risk?"

About Equi-Trek

Known worldwide for their good design, quality and reliability, EquiTrek supplies horseboxes and trailers to many top professional riders, including John and Michael Whitaker, Oliver Townend and Robert Smith. A family-run company based in Meltham, West Yorkshire, EquiTrek recognises the importance of producing dependable vehicles that allow horses and riders to travel in comfort and safety.

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