Exciting New Riding School Initiative Launched

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Exciting New Riding School Initiative Launched
Exciting New Riding School Initiative Launched

A SOUTH Yorkshire Riding School has launched an exciting new initiative aimed at progressing both young and adult riders from an arena environment on to cross-country riding.

Andrew Stennett of Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre and Robin Dunlop of JumpCross have launched JumpCross RS, a revolutionary new way for riding school clients to experience and discover cross-country riding in a safe and controlled environment.

Not only does JumpCross RS provide a new learning experience for horse and rider but also encompasses the fun and excitement of riding cross-country over different terrains.

The main focus of JumpCross RS is to get people riding at a forward pace in the open and develop balance and rhythm over knock-down fences.

Said Andrew: "JumpCross RS fits perfectly into a riding school environment providing the opportunity for riders to move on from riding in an arena to truly experience riding cross-country rather than simply having a show jumping lesson.

"For riders that we feel are not ready for cross-country over fixed fences and due to health and safety legislation we could never do this over a traditional cross-country course.

"The JumpCross course can easily be adapted for a wide range of ages and abilities and as we are longer able to hack due to the busy roads like so many riding schools, this new facility is really adding to what we can offer at Grove House Stables.

"We are lucky enough to have set our new course of 10 JumpCross fences across 16 acres yet it is still in a controlled and contained environment.

"The track is ideal to do hour long lessons over segments of the course. It also allows riders who a few years ago would have gone out hacking to experience the thrill and enjoyment of riding in an open space safely."

"Many of our customers have already taken part in our training lessons and are enjoying the new discipline. I would definitely recommend to other riding schools to take up this initiative."

For more information on JumpCross RS contact JumpCross Headquarters on (01780) 782356 or visit www.jumpcross.com


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