Snow brings added dangers to horses

By: Horse Deals

Snow brings added dangers to horses
A pony in the snow

Horse owners need to be aware of the danger posed by poisonous tree branches becoming within reach because of heavy snow fall.

The warning comes from The British Horse Society, following the tragic death of a horse in Scotland as a result of yew poisoning.

Sue Kilby, Welfare Representative on the BHS Scotland Committee, explains: "A heavy fall of snow can change the configuration of tree lines and woods and hungry, curious equines will snatch at any foliage that comes within reach.

"We would urge all horse owners to be alert to this unexpected sort of danger – fallen electrical cables are another hazard that we need to look out for in this type of weather."

For more information on keeping you and your horse safe this winter please visit the British Horse Society Website. In particular a list of commonly found toxic trees is available from the BHS pasture management advisory leaflet available at


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