Rescued pony seeks new home

By: Horse Deals

Rescued pony seeks new home
Rescued pony seeks new home
A pony that survived a vicious dog attack is looking for a new home thanks to the RSPCA and Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Limpet, a seven-year-old tricoloured mare was originally rescued by the RSPCA after she had been attacked by three pit bull terriers while she was tied up on a tether and could not escape.
The dogs chewed her front leg to the bone and the wound became severely infected; Limpet was also in very poor condition and it took months of care at the RSPCA before she began to recover from her ordeal.

Although her owner was located, they disappeared soon after which made any further action impossible.
The RSPCA felt that due to Limpet’s traumatic past and extensive rehabilitation she would need specialised care and approached Redwings Horse Sanctuary to take on her ownership for the rest of her days.
Limpet, who is described as "very sweet" is now looking for a home as a companion pony. She needs a calm and patient guardian, and to live in a home where she will not be in contact with any dogs, after her previous ordeal.

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