Can you help The Horse Trust?

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Can you help The Horse Trust?
Can you help The Horse Trust?
The Buckinghamshire charity The Horse Trust is appealing for help to cover £23,500 shortfall caused by this year’s hay shortgage.

Last year, The Horse Trust was able to produce the majority of hay and haylage it needed for the winter from its 200 acres of paddocks. But due to the dry weather conditions this year, it has only been able to produce around a third as much hay and haylage.

As all farmers are in a similar situation, the cost of hay and haylage has risen dramatically. If the winter is as severe as last year, the charity estimates it will need to buy around 600 bales of hay and haylage to feed the horses at its sanctuary in Speen, Buckinghamshire over the winter.

"This is a very worrying situation - we have never faced such a large shortfall," said Shirley Abbott, yard manager at The Horse Trust. "We have already had to tighten our belts due to the credit crunch, but are now facing a massive bill for hay over the winter. We hope the public will be able to help us by donating money or hay to help us feed the horses, ponies and donkeys at the sanctuary."

To donate to the hay appeal, visit or send a cheque to The Horse Trust.

Donations of hay or money can also be made in person at the sanctuary. The Home of Rest for Horses is open to the public every day of the week between 2 and 4pm. Please contact 01494 488 464 or to arrange to make a donation outside these hours.