Action on ragwort

By: Horse Deals

Action on ragwort
Action on ragwort
The British Horse Society has launched a nationwide survey to assess the scale of the threat of ragwort.
The society, in association with eazitools ltd, is appealing to everyone with an interest in horses to take time to help complete a "snapshot survey" taking place during BHS Ragwort Awareness Week (12-18 July).

Horselovers are asked to fill in a simple survey available on
The aim is to record the extent and location of ragwort spotted during the Awareness Week. Mapping software will be used to highlight the areas where ragwort is most prevalent and the number of animals grazing in ragwort infested fields will be calculated.

Lee Hackett, BHS head of welfare, said: "Ragwort has been causing horrible deaths to horses and ponies for many years and yet it seems to be becoming more and more widespread in its distribution. Even when it isn’t in a field grazed by horses it produces seeds that can the wind can carry long distances and spread the problem in future years.
"The laws surrounding ragwort are not being enforced and now we need to stand up and be counted. We must take action now rather than sit back and let the problem become progressively worse".

Manufacturers of the Rag-Fork, eazitools ltd., has donated 50 Rag-Forks for people who fill in the survey.