Think before you breed

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Think before you breed
Think before you breed
The British Horse Society has launched a campaign called Drawing the Line to help highlight the problems of the overproduction of horses and indiscriminate breeding.
The campaign, which has received the support from many celebrities from the horse world and beyond, aims to produce original works of art that will be auctioned in support of the BHS campaign.

The British Horse Society responds to hundreds of reports of suffering and neglected horses. At some markets it is possible to buy a young unhandled horse for just £30, a similar price to a rabbit from a pet shop. The future faced by horses changing hands for such small sums of money has to be open to serious question.

Lee Hackett, Head of BHS Welfare said: "Putting an end to the indiscriminate breeding of low quality horses and ponies will mean a more secure future for those that are bred. Put simply, less horses means better welfare.
"Tackling the issue of the over-production of horses and ponies in the UK is not a straightforward task. There is a huge range of people that need to be educated on the implications of overproduction, and made aware of the duties concerned with responsible breeding. People from all walks of life are guilty of breeding horses indiscriminately, and a campaign such as this should reach all areas of the equestrian world.

"Throughout 2010 we will be asking celebrities and famous faces to draw a picture, or donate an item or experience to The British Horse Society which can be auctioned off in October. All proceeds from the auction will go towards our responsible breeding work, helping us to educate owners and riders, and prevent welfare problems before they start.

We already have a number of "Draw the Line" supporters, including Carl Hester, Mary King, Kelly Marks, Jenny Pitman, Alan Titchmarsh and Martin Clunes."
For more information contact Lee Hackett or 01926 707804.