Spindle Farm rescues up for adoption

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Spindle Farm rescues up for adoption
Spindle Farm rescues up for adoption
The RSPCA is seeking new owners for 17 of the horses rescued from horse dealer James Gray’s farm near Amersham, Bucks, in January 2008.

Another 20 of the rescued horses and ponies in the RSPCA’s care will be available for rehoming in the near future.

More than 100 horses, ponies and donkeys were removed from horrific conditions at Spindle Farm.

Since then the horses have been lovingly cared for by the RSPCA, The Horse Trust, Redwings and World Horse Welfare.

So far the case has cost the RSPCA £2.3million in legal fees, veterinary bills and the animals’ on-going care. The other charities have footed the bill for the horses they are looking after and are making separate arrangements for their future care.

The RSPCA is beginning the search for permanent new homes for horses in its care that are ready to go to new owners and inviting would-be owners to contact them at www.rspca.org.uk/amersham and complete the application form or call 0300 123 8000 for an application form.

RSPCA equine rehoming officer Sally Learoyd said: "These horses have been through a terrible ordeal and we need to find extra special permanent homes for them. We’re looking for patient, experienced owners who have the facilities, time, knowledge and money needed to care for the horses for the rest of their lives. These horses are mostly youngsters, so potential adopters will need to be able to offer a long-term commitment.
"The horses are of the type you might expect to find on a dealer’s yard – mostly cob and Shetland types. Some were young, some ancient, some were sound and some wrecked. They were all sick and sorry
and in desperate need of our help. Their rehabilitation has been a fascinating journey to witness and a testament to the bravery and patience of horses."