Spindles Farm for sale

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Spindles Farm for sale
Spindles Farm for sale
The farm where dozens of horses were left to die has been put on the market for an estimated £1.3m.

Vets who visited Spindles Farm in Hyde Heath in Buckinghamshire described the scene as the worst case of animal cruelty they had ever seen.

Owner James Gray, 45, was jailed for 24 weeks last year after being convicted of 11 charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

He and four other members of his family were also banned from keeping horses, ponies and donkeys following the neglect, which was described as being "distressing beyond measure".
The horse trader - who was ordered to pay £400,000 costs towards the RSCPA investigation - is selling Spindles Farm in four lots.

No price has been given for any of the lots - made up of a five-bedroom house and garden; a 2.8-acre paddock; a small barn with 13 acres; and 23 acres of grassland.
It is understood that the whole farm was worth around £1.3m, but so far no offers have been made.

Gray and his family have all appealed against their convictions.

Their appeal judgements are due to be announced on 6 May .