New dressage for riding clubs

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New dressage for riding clubs
New dressage for riding clubs
British Riding Clubs (BRC) has teamed up with Interdressage to offer BRC members an opportunity to compete internationally and win prizes for themselves and their riding club or riding club centre.

The competition, organised by BRC and Interdressage, sees a new BRC League which will be available online at and will run from May 2010 to April 2011.
It is designed to encourage more riding club and riding club centre members to "give dressage a go" by making it possible for them to ride their tests in a relaxed manner in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

The tests need to be videoed and submitted to Interdressage for judging. All that is required is a level surface with markers.

The new league will be divided into two sections – one for BRC members and one for BRC Riding Club Centre members, with the leading point scorer from both divisions receiving a jump package from Quality Show Jumps for their club or centre. The winning combinations in each category will also receive £125 of Ride-Away Vouchers. In addition, in recognition of all their hard work, the instructors from both sections will also be awarded £125 of Ride-Away Vouchers.

Competitors in both sections are automatically entered into Interdressage’s monthly competitions.

Riders from all over the world already compete each month via video for rosettes, prize money and points. The Interdressage website was launched in 2007 by freelance instructor Karina.

Competitors visit the site and choose from a comprehensive list of classes from that month’s schedule. All the dressage tests have been specifically written for Interdressage with movements and transitions placed at the optimum point for the judge to score via video. The dressage tests range from Walk and Trot through to advanced, with Riders Tests and Style and Performance Tests which include up to five jumps.

All the tests are adjudicated by listed BD judge and rider Glynis Mills, with help and feedback from Karina Hawkridge. She says: "We remain positive and upbeat with all our comments and advice. Both Glynis and I have competed for many years and one recurring bugbear among fellow competitors is sometimes the lack of constructive comments on your score sheet.

"We always put a comprehensive and helpful comment in every box. Our aim is to encourage more people to have fun with their horse, to help them adopt correct training methods and to offer our help and support".

Riders can compete in as many classes as they like for just £10 per class. Entry is direct via Interdressage. All classes will be run under Interdressage rules (see