Dressage Anywhere goes international

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Dressage Anywhere goes international
Dressage Anywhere goes international
The new initiative Dressage Anywhere has received an enthusiastic response from riders all over the world.
The online dressage competition site which offers riders the opportunity to ride a British Dressage test of their choice in front of a listed judge via video has been a hit in the UK and abroad.
Vicky Whitbread, who lives in Dubai and was the winner of the Novice 37 class in February.
"Dressage Anywhere is a great opportunity for people who live in other countries to get feedback from top judges whom they would not normally have access to," said Vicky. "Being in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) it is not as easy to compete in a wide range of competitions as in the UK and I found my marks very fair and the remarks extremely helpful, in-depth and very specific to the areas that needed work. The website is easy to use and very clear to follow. I am not the best when it comes to technology and I was worried about uploading the video, but the instructions were clear and easy to understand - much to my relief!"
To enter, simply video your test, upload it to www.dresssageanywhere.com following the simple on-screen instructions (entries are not allowed from previously judged competitions), then once judging is completed, you can download your score sheet from the website and see your result on the scoreboard. You can compete to win prize money and rosettes or pick any test and use it as a training exercise. Competitions are held monthly ranging from walk and trot through to advanced tests so you don’t have to be a grand prix rider - start with a walk and trot test and work your way up. Registration is free and the cost for tests ranges from £10-£16.
Visit www.dressageanywhere.com