Can you help rehome charity horses?

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Can you help rehome charity horses?
Can you help rehome charity horses?
The Blue Cross is urging horse owners to give a second chance in life to a companion horse.

While these horses may be unsuitable for riding, they make ideal companions to riding horses.
The charity currently has 13 deserving larger horses looking for companion homes, as well as a number of ponies, and is especially keen to highlight the advantages of taking on a bigger companion.

Gemma Taylor, senior riding groom at The Blue Cross, explains: "Horses are herd animals that rely upon each other for mutual grooming, safety and company. Not only will companions fulfil these important, instinctive needs but they can also have a positive influence on the behaviour of other horses, particularly youngsters, highly strung or anxious types by providing calmness and stability."

"Some people believe it’s easier to get a small pony as a companion as it will be cheaper and easier to keep. This may be true if you already have a pony with similar management needs. However a horse will often be better off with a horse rather than a pony as a companion as they can share the same grazing and feeding regime safely. Allowing a small pony access to the amount of grass and hay needed by a horse can lead to obesity problems and veterinary issues such as laminitis, which can be costly."

Tough Act, a 15.2hh gelding (pictured), came to the charity because his owners could no longer give him the care he needed. Tough Act was a successful racehorse but sadly can no longer be ridden because of low grade lameness under saddle. He is a loving horse who is easy to handle and would make a perfect companion for a larger horse, but has so far been overlooked and has now been at the charity for four years.

The Blue Cross would like to hear from those with the knowledge and the facilities to take on a companion horse or pony and give them a second chance in life.
Anyone providing homes for companions through the charity’s monitored loan scheme will be provided with free annual vaccinations and a routine health and teeth check for each Blue Cross horse, as well as EQUEST and EQUEST PRAMOX wormers for the first year.
For more information visit or phone 01993 822454.