Why riding is good for you!

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Why riding is good for you!
Why riding is good for you!
The British Horse Society is looking for riders to fill in an online questionnaire to help build a true picture of the health benefits of horse riding.

The society has commissioned Plumpton College and the University of Brighton to carry out research into The Health and Well Being Benefits of Horse-Based Sport and Leisure.

As part of the research riders are invited to complete a questionnaire asking for details of the health benefits of recreational horse riding as you perceive them. The form is now available online at www.jotform.com/form/3014634364 and the BHS is urging as many riders as possible to take part.

BHS Director of Access, Safety and Welfare, Mark Weston said: "While there is anecdotal evidence available on the physical and psychological well-being and health benefits of horse-based sport and leisure, there is a lack of empirical evidence to support, or challenge, these claims. It is hoped that the results of the survey will provide this empirical evidence."

Professor Andrew Church at the University of Brighton said: "Our survey will collect data on the attitudes and behaviour of recreational riders from all over the UK. This will be vital in generating the evidence to refute or support claims made on the potential health impacts of participation in horse riding.

"Alongside the survey we are doing a scientific study to establish the exercise intensity of a 45 minute riding session that will also contribute to the knowledge base on the health effects of outdoor activity."

The final report with the findings from the work will be available on the BHS site next year.