Make your horse famous. . .

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Make your horse famous. . .
Make your horse famous. . .
If you think your horse deserves being in the limelight, The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS) wants to hear from you.

The Association is looking for inspiring stories of how animals have overcome health problems with the help of homeopathy.

Nick Thompson of the BAHVS said: "There are now thousands of pets, whether cats or dogs, birds, small animals or horses who are treated for health issues using homeopathic techniques and we want to share these with the many people who have had similar success stories over the years."

The top 10 stories will be featured on the BAHVS website and you will receive a branded jacket if your story is used. Send your story and a photograph of your horse or pet to:

Claire Hogarth, TSM Ltd, 1 Doncaster Road, Gunness, Scunthorpe, N.Lincs, DN15 8TG or email to

Please include your full postal address and phone number. Photographs will be returned if requested.

For further information visit