BHS questions arena rating

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BHS questions arena rating
BHS questions arena rating
The British Horse Society is raising the question of rates on private manege after a horseowner in the New Forest received a rating notification from her local authority.
The BHS has written to the chief executive of the Valuation Office Agency questioning the recent decision to rate the private manège.

If this decision is replicated throughout the UK, it could mean increased taxes for horse owners at a time when finances are already stretched.
The society has asked the agency how it distinguishes between the rateable treatment of private manèges and other private amenities, such as tennis courts and swimming pools.
The British Horse Society’s chief executive, Graham Cory, said: "Given the potentially wide-ranging impact of the Agency’s interpretation of the law, we intend to ask Leading Counsel for his opinion on their reply."
For more information, contact Mark Weston, BHS director of Access, Safety and Welfare on 01926 707760 or