Para Equestrian talent spotting

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Para Equestrian talent spotting
Para Equestrian talent spotting
The annual talent spotting event for Para-Equestrian dressage riders will take place at Vale View Equestrian Centre, Leicestershire on 20 - 21st February 2010 supported by the B.D.S.C. (British Dressage supporters club) and the P.D.T.T. (Para Dressage Training Trust)

The purpose of the event is to identify Para-Equestrian dressage riders with talent, dedication and enthusiasm. Organisers aim to provide a friendly and encouraging environment to assist with correct training. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet other riders with the same hopes and aspirations and make new friends over a burger afterwards.

Entry is open to anyone and participants don’t need a special horse as its the rider’s ability which is assessed. Horses may be hired from the venue.

Entrants will be asked to ride the relevant test for their grade and this will be marked by two International Para Equestrian judges/trainers. The test sheet will not be marked conventionally but the rider will be scored for their seat, position, balance, influence, star quality, trainability and knowledge of the training system. Riders will then return to the arena in pairs for a 20 minute training and discussion session with the assessors.
Riders will be split into the following categories: 10-15 year olds, 16-25 year olds and over 26 years. The competition is not open to riders who have competed at the British Dressage National Championships in the past two years or previous winners of Talent Spotting, unless they are in a different age group.

For more information please contact Amy Cullen, Para Dressage Officer Tel: 02476 698837