Laura Bechtolsheimer breaks British record

By: Horse Deals

Laura Bechtolsheimer breaks British record
Laura Bechtolsheimer breaks British record
Britain’s Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Horjis were on top form at CDI-W Amsterdam where they set a new British record in the grand prix and kur, just four percent behind Edward Gal and Totilas.

The combination were second in the grand prix with 78.04%
"I was really happy with the test as he had no mistakes—he was really relaxed and easy to ride," said Laura. "The only critique I received from my dad that our extensions weren’t as expressive as they could have been. So I took that feedback into the freestyle."

In the freestyle Laura scored another British record in the freestyle for second place l 82.30% , less than five per cent behind Totilas.

"The freestyle was fantastic," said Laura. "I played the music a bit lower as he [Mistral Horjis] has had issues with the music in the past and I just wanted to build his confidence. My strategy paid off because he stood still in the halts— some great progress!

"It just builds our confidence so much to come out this strong in 2010. We’re definitely excited for the year to come!"