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Cameron EDM, owned by Mark Ward Jones in extended trot. Rider Lesley Peyton Philips. Photography: HorsePower Photography
Based on the fortitude of 12 founder members, the BAPSH Ltd has seen 26 years of continued growth and support for the PRE in the United Kingdom.
The BAPSH Ltd owes its existence to a dedicated and persistent group of people. Many of the original 12 founders are still eagerly involved with Spanish horses; not only as breeders but at one time or another have also been committed to running the Association, (or Society as it was formerly known). In May 1982, Linda Lawrence de Rodriquez (De la Villa Stud, Spain) placed an advertisement in the equine press calling for everyone interested in Andalusian horses to come to an Open Day promoting the breed at Woodside Farm, near Horley, Surrey.
Despite an enthusiastic meeting, no action was taken until 5 weeks later. As a result of the Open Day, Mary McBryde contacted Linda Lawrence de Rodriquez to seek advice on forming a Society. In consequence of this, the inaugural meeting of the British Andalusian Horse Society was called by Mary McBryde. The attendee’s were;- Jenny Bernard, Miss Brierley-Jones, Mike Curson, Neil Dougall, Tony Fox, Norma Grimes, Marion Larrigan, Mary McBryde, Mrs Sheila Mcbryde, Linda Lawrence de Rodriquez, Ray Saunders and Jill Tyler.
The first ever AGM was held on 5th February 1983, followed by affiliation to the Jefatura de Cria Caballar (Spanish State Stud Book Authority) in Madrid, which was requested by the Society. This was granted towards the end of 1983, and the BAPSH Ltd (BAHS) has been the officially recognised body responsible for all matters pertaining to the Spanish Horse within the UK ever since, initially by FESCCR and now by ANCCE.
This affiliation with Spain allowed the UK in 1984 to hold its first grading and inscription day for the assessment of the UK’s small population of Purebred Spanish Horses by the Spanish Commission from Madrid. All three mares passed their grading, (the only three adult mares in the UK at this time), Mrs Jenny Bernard’s Coqueta VII 1980 and Mr Mike Curzon’s Diplomada and Convienida. A single stallion Mr Desi Lorent’s Alcor IV, (pictured) bringing the total number of known PRE stallions in the UK at this time to 10.
The popularity of this breed, and subsequent growth of the Association in the UK, can be noted when compared with recent years. The grading, which now takes place over 5 days, consists of travelling throughout the UK examining in excess of 60 horses. The total UK population of the PRE is now in excess of 1500 horses. Foal registrations for this year stand at 130 – so far. Membership of the Association now exceeds 500. With this growth, many changes have occurred. In June 2002 BAPSH became a Limited Company, and in August 2003 BAPSH Limited became an official Passport Issuing office for its four registries and studbooks.
The quality of stock in the UK has always been excellent, due to quality importations over the past 30 years or so, and the care and devotion of the British breeders in producing stock very close to the PRE standard. We are pleased to say that British bred stock has received extremely complimentary remarks from the Spanish Grading committees over the last three years.
With the rise in popularity of the PRE, demand has increased for breed specific classes at major showing events, To help facilitate this demand BAPSH Limited are undertaking judges training seminars, to provide education on judging the PRE.
Today’s BAPSH membership is offered the chance of an annual training bursary, annual performance awards for all disciplines, a glossy quarterly magazine packed full of useful advice, a constantly updated website and a two day National Championship show with top class Judges, We feel The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse has come a long way in its 26 years to promote this ancient, versatile and most beautiful of breeds The Pura Raza Espanola.
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