Breed Profile: Connemara

Find out all about the Connemara breed

Breed Profile: Connemara
Connemara's originate from the wild rocky Connemara region on Ireland’s west coast,

Find out all about the Connemara including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Connemara breed summary:

Origin: The wild rocky Connemara region on Ireland’s west coast, where hardy ponies have existed for hundreds of years.

Height: From 128cms to 148 cms at maturity. The pony should not exceed 14.2hh.

Colour: Grey, black, bay, brown, dun with occasional roan, chestnut, palomino with dark eyed cream

Conformation: Compact, well balanced riding type with short legs that cover a lot of ground.  A Connemara pony should have a broad forehead and dark full eyes, strong, muscular hindquarters.  A Connemara’s movement should be free, easy and true, without undue knee action, his movement will also be active and ground covering.

Temperament: Good temperament, hardiness and staying power, intelligent, soundness, sure footed with good jumping ability.  Suitable for either a child or adult rider.

Ideal Disciplines: The Connemara is a top quality pony that is courageous but sensible and is able to excel in all equestrian sports. Whether you’re looking for a pony for showjumping or eventing; dressage riding or to utilise as a driving pony, the Connemara cannot be bettered, it is a top class performance pony.

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