Breed profile: Welsh Section A

Find out more about the Welsh Section A including height and colour

Breed profile:  Welsh Section A
Welsh Section A Pony

Welsh Section A Breed Summary

Origin: Mountains of Wales

Height: up to 12hh

Colour:  Any whole colour is permitted

Conformation: The Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) is the smallest and daintiest of the four Welsh breeds.   Their heads are of Arab type often with dished faces and large eyes, but they still look like ponies rather than small horses.  Their necks are strong but not overly wide and their bodies and sturdy without being bulky.  Their legs are relatively slim for native breeds, but they have strong bones and although their hooves are small they are dense.  Welsh Mountain Ponies (Section A) tend to have high-set tails (again due to the Arab influence). 

Temperament:  These little ponies are highly intelligent and resourceful.  They are also bold and sure footed.  For their size they tend to be capable jumpers, happily tackling all kinds of obstacles in the wild and performing well either across country or in the show-jumping ring when domesticated.  This is part of the reason why they are so highly prized as children's ponies.  The other is that they have gentle, friendly natures as well as common sense.  They adapt well to modern traffic.  As well as being excellent riding horses, they also go well in harness either for pleasure driving or for competitions. 

Ideal Disciplines: The Welsh Mountain Pony is one of the most popular children's pony's in the world.  It's beauty, versatility and gentle temperament make them superb mounts for children.  Although they are a little small for most adults to ride, they can go well in harness.


For more information on the breed visit the Welsh Cob and Pony Society


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