Breed Profile: Quarter Horse

Find out all about the Quarter Horse, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profile: Quarter Horse
Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse breed summary:

Origin - United States

Height - 14.3 - 15.3hh

Colour - Quarter Horses come in a variety of solid colors, roans, palominos, greys, grullos, buckskins and duns. Color-coated horses  such as spotted coats or pintos are accepted in the AQHA registry as long as it can be proven that both the sire and dam of the horse were registered Quarter Horses. Markings like stockings, stars, strips and blazes are common

Quarter Horses are a mixture of Arabian, Spanish, and English bred horses. There are eleven foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines. These eleven families are the ancestors of all Quarter Horses around the world. Although the breed or type has been in existence since the 1600s the American Quarter Horse Registry began in 1940. The introduction of Thoroughbred bloodlines has created two distinct types of Quarter Horses. "Appendix Quarter Horses" tend to be leaner and leggier

Quarter Horses are quick over short distances, sure footed and agile. They make comfortable mounts for trail riding and are dependable for all day farm work. The compact muscular silhouette of the foundation type Quarter Horse is unmistakable.

With its calm, gentle and steady demeanor they are the ideal family horse or horse for the beginner rider. Because they have a steady temperment does not mean they are slow to learn however. Many Quarter Horses have natural ‘cow sense’, that makes them easy to train for ranch work, or competition such as roping and cutting. Once trained, they need very little guidance from their rider. They tend to be ‘easy keepers’ living well off of good pasture or hay.

Ideal Disciplines
Quarter Horse's are ideal for the following disciplines:

  • Dressage
  • General riding
  • Hunting
  • Western riding
  • Jumping

For more information on the breed visit the American Quarter Horse Association

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