Breed Profile: New Forest Pony

Find out more about this lovely natured breed including height, temperament and colours

Breed Profile: New Forest Pony
New Forest Pony

New Forest Pony Breed Summary

Origin: New Forest, Hampshire, England

Height: 12 - 14.2hh

Colour:  A pure bred New Forest pony can be any colour except piebald and skewbald

Conformation: New Forest ponies should be of working type with substance.  They should have sloping shoulders, strong quarters, plenty of flat bone, good depth of body, straight limbs and good hard round feet.  The ponies are quite capable of carryinh adults, while narrow enough for small children.  The smaller ponies, though not up to do so much weight, often show more quality.

Temperament: New Forest ponies are intelligent, willing, docile and friendly.  They are also very easy to train.

Ideal Disciplines: The New Forest pony is an ideal general riding pony for both children and adults.  They are nifty enough for mounted games but also make saure-footed hacking horses and jumping machines.  They have als make good driving ponies.

For more information on the breed visit the New Forest Pony Association


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